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Traveling in Europe, we noticed an interesting trend: people stop and pause more often than we do. They enjoy short breaks to savor a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. European cafés open early to serve espresso and pastries in the morning.  It is there for a leisurely afternoon lunch, then slides right into happy hour with a selection of small bites and wine.  Later, it evolves into an inviting place to relax with friends over dinner and conversation. All the while, the piazza provides the backdrop as neighbors stroll by with gelato. Cafés are the place to see and be seen; they are the slice of life that puts the work day at bay.

ViaVita Café and Wine Bar has been thoughtfully created with these ideas in mind. Our urban lifestyle is changing and we need the café on the piazza to extend our living space. A place to meet friend, see our neighbors and connect with our community.

To be able to enjoy a café, you must have good coffee, good food, and good wine. Good food is the domain of our creative chefs. They bring their experience and love of well prepared food to showcase ViaVita. So we present to you something that may seem ordinary, but is truly an experience.

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The Road to Life: Good Coffee, Good Food, Good Wine, and Good Company


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