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TITLE : Heroes Rogues And Lovers Testosterone And Behavior

Heroes rogues and lovers testosterone and behavior james mcbride dabbs mary godwin dabbs on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers studies the effects of testosterone a hormone that is associated with acts of violence and with virility and heroismheroes rogues and lovers has 56 ratings and 11 reviews aurlien said there is agreement that testosterone increases muscle strength and sexual activthis book is a mixed bag of facts and conjecture the parts of the book that are most unappealing and lack scientific merit are the authors use of his friends family and fictional characters to explain the impact of testosterone on behaviorsince the early 1970s when studies of testosterone first gained wide public attention this principal male sex hormone has taken the rap for a range of characteristics or behaviors including low intelligence rape and road ragein this book the author provides an overview of the state of knowledge about testosterone and its impact on human psychology from prehistory to the present

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