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TITLE : Red Blood Cells As Carriers For Drugs

9 first international conference on red blood cell carriers at the rockefeller foundation bellagio study and conference center bellagio italy february 27 march 2 1984red blood cells as carriers for drugs potential therapeutic applications proceedings of the ilnd international meeting on red blood cells as carriers for drugs potential therapeuticabstract until rcently the only biomedical use of erythrocytes was in transfusion medicine to restore normal oxygen delivery in recent years a number of procedures have been developed to load these cells with macromolecules including enzymes drugs antigens etc magnani and deloach 1992bwe use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful to better understand the use of our services and to tailor advertisingred blood cells as carriers for drugs a method for disseminating chemotherapeutics hormones enzymes and other therapeutic agents via the circulatory system

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