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TITLE : Social Rights In Europe

The book is concerned with the legal framework for protecting and promoting social rights in europe its chapters examine procedural and substantive aspects of the council of europes european social charter and the european unions charter of fundamental rights as well as the eus so called acquis in the area of social rightsfundamental social rights in europe 4 pe 168629 this document is available in the following languages de original en fr the opinions expressed in this document are the sole responsibility of the author and do notthe steering committee for human rights cddh has been entrusted by the committee of ministers of the council of europe to undertake an analysis of the legal framework of the organisation for the protection of social rights in our continent and in particular to analyse the jurisprudence of theas called for by president juncker in his state of the union address on 13 september 2017 the european pillar of social rights has been proclaimed by the european parliament the council and the european commission at the social summit for fair jobs and growth in gothenburg on 17 november 2017social rights while traditionally the neglected sibling within the human rights family have been prominent on the agenda in europe the debate over the justiciability of social rights in the eus charter of fundamental rights and the revision of the council of europes european social charter have contributed in different ways to this prominence

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