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TITLE : To An Unknown God Religious Freedom On Trial

To an unknown god religious freedom on trial is the story of one of the most important supreme court cases of recent years involving religious freedom the case that resulted in the passage of one of the most sweeping civil rights laws since the 1960s the religious freedom restoration act of 1993to an unknown god captures the complications inherent in the ideal of religious freedom in the most human of ways garrett eppss retelling of the story behind the landmark supreme court case employment division vdescribes the peyote case in which klamath indian al smith an alcohol and drug abuse counselor was fired for distributing peyote as part of a native american religious ritual and examines the constitutional issues the case raisedtold with the grace of a novel to an unknown god religious freedom on trial is a modern legal epic chronicling the six year duel between two remarkable men with very different visions of religious freedom and of americaneither man sought the conflict that would erupt into one of the most provocative and influential supreme court decisionschapter one to an unknown god religious freedom on trial by garrett epps saint martins press llc read the review

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