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TITLE : Schemas In Problem Solving

Schema based problem solving requires use of specific schemas or templates to recognize understand and solve problems broadly such schemas have four characteristics they are organized so that an individual can quickly identify new instances that are similar to those on which the schema wasad a246 882 final report schemas in problem solving an integrated model of learning memory and instruction sandra p marshall d tic 11lkctr december 1991si schemas in problem solving explores a theory of schema development and studies the applicability of the theory as a unified basis for understanding learning instruction and assessmentproblemlsen substantiv problemlsung ist eine schlsselkompetenz von personen die darauf abzielt erkannte probleme durch intelligentes handeln mittels bewusster denkprozesse zu beseitigenschemas in problem solving introduces an alternative approach to the study of learning instruction and assessment focusing on the area of arithmetic story problems marshall outlines how instruction can lead to more meaningful learning by emphasizing the ways students acquire and store knowledge in memory

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