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TITLE : Paintings In The Vatican

A new book by anja grebe celebrates the stunning art collection of the vatican by featuring every old master painting on display the vatican all the paintings also includes images of bramante staircase spiral stairs of the vatican museums designed by giuseppe momo in 1932 the bramante staircase is a double spiral staircase designed by giuseppe momo in 1932 the staircase has two parts a double helix and is of shallow incline being a stepped ramp rather than a true staircasea flip through of the pages of the vatican all the paintings by anja grebe intro from the book the vatican is one of the wonders of the worldand im actually surprised that this is all of the paintings in the vatican museums i thought theres be more still its a well constructed book and the nice thing about it is when i got to the vatican next i will be able to enjoy the museums at my leisurethe sistine chapel the sistine chapel is possibly one of the most awe inspiring masterpieces in the world with a wonderful completely frescoed ceiling that is beautifully crafted this part of the vatican museum is undoubtedly its most visited

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