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Title: General Ophthalmology

General ophthalmology general ophthalmologists perform comprehensive eye examinations and surgical evaluations general ophthalmologists are eye mds who provide a broad spectrum of eye care from vision care evaluating visual changes and prescribing glasses to diagnosing and treating eye diseaseophthalmology f l m l d i or p l m l d i is a branch of medicine and surgery both methods are used that deals with the anatomy physiology and diseases of the eyeball and orbit an ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye diseasethis department welcomes all patients that attend the centre for the first time the patients are examined for their ocular health through screening and follow up visits a complete ophthalmic examination is performed including visual acuity and refraction binocular function intraocular pressure anterior and posterior segment and visual pathwayinsurance virginia eye institute optical shops may have different participating insurance providers than the eye doctors at virginia eye institutegeneral ophthalmology access a complete line of medical services to maintain your health throughout pregnancy including evaluation diagnosis and treatment

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