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TITLE : Sweeteners Discovery Molecular Design And Chemoreception Acs Symposium Series

Sweeteners discovery molecular design and chemoreception acs symposium series d eric walters grant e dubois frank t orthoefer on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers at one time sweetener discovery was largely a matter of chance now it is possible to design and synthesize new sweet compounds based on the studies of sweetness is a basic taste most commonly perceived when eating foods rich in sugars sweet tastes are regarded as a pleasurable experience except perhaps in excess citation needed nutritive value of food additives such as vitamins minerals amino acids and amino acid derivatives are utilized to increase the nutritive value of food a particular diet may also require the use of thickening agents emulsifiers sweeteners etcwhat is the sweetener pharmacophore during the 1980s and before the taste literature was dominated by discoveries of novel synthetic sweeteners and structure elucidations of natural sweetenerssweetener synergy is of vital practical importance to the food manufacturer but its mechanistic explanation is impossible given the current limited understanding of sweet taste chemoreception

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