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TITLE : Deregulating Telecommunications

I found this book to go beyond a dry history of what is called telecommunications deregulation to address the economic paradigms that legitimate different regulatory regimesgovernment regulation was justified on the theory that telephone companies like electric utilities were natural monopolies competition which was assumed to require stringing multiple wires across the countryside was seen as wasteful and inefficientderegulating telecommunications daniel f spulbert the consent decree that restructured the telecommunications industry by breaking up the bell system assigned long distance and equipmentderegulating telecommunications the workers view vincent mosco and elia zureik this paper draws on data gathered in the course of a two year study of the canadian telecommunications industry workforcein 1984 the department of justice settled its antitrust case against atandt the agreement embedded in the modification of final judgment led to a divestiture of the local telephone exchanges from atandt to the regional bell operating companies known as the baby bells

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