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TITLE : Collecting Plant Genetic Diversity Technical Guidelines

In 1995 bioversity international then the international plant genetic resources institute ipgri in association with fao iucn and unep produced collecting plant genetic diversity technical guidelines edited by l guarino v ramanatha rao and r reid and published by cabimain description the case for conserving biodiversity is well established on economic as well as scientific grounds biodiversity is essential for sustainable development adaptation to a changing environment and the continued functioning of the biosphere indeed to human survival itselfbiodiversity is essential for sustainable development and cultures from ancient times to the present day have exploited biodiversity with the advent of scientific breeding new plant varieties have been developedthis resource guides new and experienced collectors on how to sample collect and preserve a wealth of genetic resources not only crop plants and trees but also wild species symbiotic bacteria and fungi pollen and even dnalike most websites we use cookies this is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible continuing to use wwwcabdirectorg means you agree to our use of cookies if you would like to you can learn more about the cookies we use

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