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TITLE : Wit And Its Relation To The Unconscious

Dated and translated from the german misses being funny and is a tedious read ive read most of freud and this book is not as good as his jokes and their relation to the unconscious which is much better translation and readsuch a far reaching agreement as found between the means of wit work and those of dream work can scarcely be accidental the technique of witsigmund freud noticed that humor like dreams can be related to unconscious content in the 1905 book jokes and their relation to the unconscious german der witz und seine beziehung zum unbewuten as well as in the 1928 journal article humor freud distinguished contentious jokes from non contentious or silly humori introduction a analysis of wit sigmund freud 1916 wit and its relation to the unconsciouswit and its relation to the unconscious by professor dr sigmund freud lld authorized english edition with introduction by a a brill phb md

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