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TITLE : The Accidental Teacher Life Lessons From My Silent Son

The accidental teacher life lessons from my silent son by annie lubliner lehmann is an autism memoir it was originally self published in 2008 and then published in 2009 by the university of michigan press it is a general overview of the authors life with her family including her autistic eldest son jonahjonah lehmann is an accidental teacher of others including his family and friends this personal and touching account of jonahs life is enlightening especially to those coming to terms with similar challenges with autism and other cognitive disabilitiesa child teaches without intending to having severe autism does not stop annie lehmanns son jonah from teaching her some of lifes most valuable lessonsa memoir about self discovery rather than illness it explains the realities of life with a largely nonverbal son and explores the frustrations and triumphs of lehmanns family as jonah grew into a young adultafter his wife of 50 years died this man discovered a letter shed kept hidden the whole time duration 615 let me know 1206285 views

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