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TITLE : Domain Driven Design Reference Definitions And Pattern Summaries

V although this is the first print edition of the ddd reference the earliest form actually predatesthepublicationofmy2004bookontheadviceof domain driven design reference definitions and pattern summaries eric evans on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers domain driven design ddd is an approach to software development for complex businesses and other domains ddd tackles that complexity by focusing the teams attention on knowledge of the domainthe ddd reference contains a brief summary of every definition and pattern in eric evans 2004 book plus three patterns that didnt make it into the original book which eric now thinks of as part of his understanding of ddddomain driven design ddd ist eine herangehensweise an die modellierung komplexer software die modellierung der software wird dabei mageblich von den umzusetzenden fachlichkeiten der anwendungsdomne beeinflusstsynopsis eric evans has written a fantastic book on how you can make the design of your software match your mental model of the problem domain you are addressing his book is very compatible with xp it is not about drawing pictures of a domain it is about how you think of it the language

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