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TITLE : Sex Crime And Literature In Victorian England

Bcher fremdsprachig whlen sie die abteilung aus in der sie suchen mchtendiese aktionen werden auf diesen artikel angewendet einige angebote knnen miteinander kombiniert werden andere nicht fr mehr details lesen sie bitte die nutzungsbedingungen der jeweiligen promotionan exploration of the texts which shaped victorian attitudes towards the condition of england and the question of its women it offers a richly contextual commentary on a critical period in the evolution of modern legal and cultural attitudes to the relation of crime sexuality and the familyby analysing relevant statues alongside the literature of the time ian ward investigates victorian anxieties about the condition of its women concentrating in particular on four crimes adultery bigamy infanticide and prostitutionyet as ian wards sex crime and literature in victorian england proves beneath this straitlaced veneer lay nineteenth century societys prurient desire to read about sex and crime in novels and newspapers

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