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TITLE : Constitutional Law In Germany

The basic law for the federal republic of germany german grundgesetz fr die bundesrepublik deutschland is the constitution of the federal republic of germany miniature book version the basic law was approved on 8 may 1949 in bonn and with the signature of the occupying western allies of world war ii on 12 may came into effect on 23 mayfive articles from this section of the constitution nos 136 139 and 141 were explicitly incorporated into the basic law of the federal republic of germany passed in 1949 and so remain constitutional law in germany todayko university was founded in 1993 as a non profit private university in istanbul turkey the university distinguishes itself with its strong academic structure research opportunities international achievements vivid social environment and the wide range of career opportunities available to its graduatesderived from the renowned multi volume international encyclopaedia of laws this very useful analysis of constitutional law in germany provides essential information on the countrys sources of constitutional law its form of government and its administrative structurefollowing provided courtesy of general electrics germany and europe roundtable we provide all types of information and discussion on germany and europe

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