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TITLE : The Topography Of Tears

The topography of tears the topography of tears is a visual investigation of tears photographed through a digital microscopy camera mounted on a vintage optical microscopethe topography of tears gives us entry into a secret and ineffable world we inhabit but never actually see fishers brilliant images and the poetry of her titles capture the nuances of human feeling is subtle fascinating waysrose lynn fishers photo series explores the physical terrain of tears emitted during a range of emotional statesrose lynn fishers the topography of tears renders marvelous landscapes of human experience and emotion through the photographic magnification of our tearsthe topography of tears rose lynn fisher william h frey ii phd ann lauterbach on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers looking at fishers photographs feels like staring out a plane window at the passing landscape below studio 360 a moving depiction of the micro and macro aspects of our emotional

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